Our locations in Mülheim an der Ruhr

Our institutes

Our two locations offer you plenty of space to turn your vision into reality. Both institutes are just a 20-minute drive from Dusseldorf Airport.

An ideal environment for your workshops

Trust in our institutes to provide the perfect infrastructure for hands-on workshops and seminars. Both of our locations feature modern seminar rooms and surgical facilities, which can be further customized according to your event’s needs. Here, you can train new surgical techniques or test medical products and devices in a realistic clinical environment. At the same time, we offer ample space for relaxation and networking in our seminar and lounge areas.


Our locations in Mülheim

Our well-equipped facilities enable us to host events that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Our spaces include seminar rooms, wet labs and in- and outdoor lounge areas.


It all started with this institute  in 2011. This location offers plenty of space for workshops and relaxation. The cosy style invites you to linger and network and the location’s green surroundings add to the appeal. This site is well suited for larger events.


The European Anatomy Campus II was opened in 2021. The location is designed in an industrial style and is well suited for R&D studies, smaller workshops and anatomy courses.

EAC Mobile 

Do you need personnel or equipment for an external workshop? We are happy to assist you across Europe.



Grundriss Am Stoot 5 Erdgeschoss
Layout ground floor 
Grundriss Am Stoot 5 Obergeschoss
Grundriss Obergeschoss Am Stoot


Grundriss Erdgeschoss Kölnerstraße
Grundriss Erdgeschoss Kölner Straße
Layout ground floor

Layout ground floor 

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Advantages of our locations

Prime location

Both sites are situated in the heart of the Ruhr valley. Thanks to their central location, the institutes are just a 20-minute drive from Dusseldorf airport.

Training and relaxation

Excellent seminar and operating rooms, surrounded by greenery, provide you with the opportunity to unwind and escape the daily routine.

Tailored spaces

To ensure optimal workflow during surgery and training, tailored spaces are necessary. That is exactly what you will find with us. In addition to the wet lab, we also offer smart meeting rooms.

Storage and logistics

Both locations have suitable storage spaces for the equipment and materials of our clients. Our logistical expertise serves us well when supporting your events.

Tech-enabled meeting spaces

Our locations are equipped with the latest seminar and presentation technology, including live video transmission, making them the ideal spaces for your workshops.

OR equipment

The wet lab features modern equipment, ranging from surgical instruments and Maquet operating tables to mobile 3D C-arms. Additionally, we have the necessary radiation protection measures in place (lead-lined aprons, led curtains and mobile x-ray screens). Upon request, we can provide additional equipment through our industry partners to meet the specific needs of your event.


For workshops held at our facility, we provide consumables such as gloves, gowns, gauze pads, suture material, scalpels, patient drapes and more. Upon request, we can also pre-order additional materials for you.


For your event, we can provide professionally trained personnel as needed. This includes staff for the wet lab, x-ray operators and technical support for the tech-enabled meeting spaces. We also offer assistance with event planning, appropriate catering and on-site support.

Additional information on our two locations


What are your opening hours?

Our regular hours are 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday. However, your events can take place out of regular hours and even on the weekends.

Can you only book part of the institute for an event?

Yes, it is possible to book rooms separately for your workshops. We pride ourselves on tailoring our offer to your specific needs.

Do the clients have to arrange for suitable body donors by themselves?

No, we have access to embalmed and fresh-frozen body donors. Suitable body donors are individually selected in accordance with your workshop’s specific indications.

How do I get to your institute?

From the direction of Frankfurt/Cologne: ▪ A3 towards Oberhausen.

From the direction of Hannover /Oberhausen / Duisburg: ▪ A3 towards Düsseldorf ▪ Exit 16 / Breitscheid Interchange ▪ A52 towards Essen ▪ Exit 25 Mülheim an der Ruhr / Breitscheid Interchange.

From the direction of Essen /Dortmund: ▪ A40 towards Düsseldorf ▪ A52 towards Düsseldorf ▪ Breitscheid Interchange/ far right exit Mülheim an der Ruhr.

What do I need to consider when delivering workshop equipment and material?

The loading docks are on ground level, which means that the freight company’s truck needs to have a tail-lift.

Do the clients have to arrange for the transfer from the airport to hotel by themselves?

No, if you prefer we can arrange the transfer for you. However, it is vital that you forward us the pick-up addresses and the number of people in advance. If there are more than 50 attendees, it is vital to forward us the necessary information at least four weeks prior, so there is sufficient time to arrange for the transfer.

Who organises the catering? What type of catering do you have?

The catering is arranged by our service management. The catering provided will be chosen according to the client’s preferences and will accommodate any dietary requirements and allergies of the attendees.

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