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Concepts and Ideas for workshops

Yvonne Hubert

Mail: yvonne@anatomy-campus 

phone: +49 151/ 538 666 21  

Project management and prosection

Anna Katharina Kolb, Ph.D 

Mail: anna@anatomy-campus 

phone: +49 1 62/ 904 070 2 

Workshop management

Marcel Molitor

Mail: accounting@anatomy-campus 

phone: +49 176 / 327 193 99 

Quality assurance

Sonja Diehm

Mail: sonja@anatomy-campus 

phone: +49 2054/ 93 66 620

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What are your opening hours?

Our regular hours are 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday. However, your events can take place out of regular hours and even on the weekends.

Can you only book part of the facilities for an event?

Yes, it is possible to book rooms separately for your workshops. We pride ourselves on tailoring our offer to your specific needs.

Who organises the catering? What type of catering do you have?

The catering is arranged by our service management. The catering provided will be chosen according to the client’s preferences and will accommodate any dietary requirements and allergies of the attendees.

What do I need to consider when delivering workshop equipment and material?

The loading docks are on ground level, which means that the freight company’s truck needs to have a tail-lift.

Do the clients have to arrange for accommodation and shuttle transfer by themselves?

No, if you prefer we can arrange the accommodation and transfer for you. However, it is vital that you forward us the number of people in advance. Ideally at least 3 months for the accommodation and at least 4 weeks for the shuttle transfer.

Do the clients have to arrange for suitable body donors by themselves?

No, we have access to embalmed and fresh-frozen body donors. Suitable body donors are individually selected in accordance with your workshop’s specific indications.

What kind of equipment do your wet labs have?

Our OR rooms are well equipped, but if you require instruments or devices that we don’t have in stock we can order additional equipnment through our industry partners, f.e. endoscopy towers, ultrasounds or specific surgical instruments, like caspar retractors. Our equipment on location ranges from 3D c-arms and suitable PPE to OR-lights,  Maquet OR-tables and surgical instruments for standard procedures.